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Surface Design Studio


I love a good story, be it historical or fantastical. The idea of being immersed in a world of one's own imagination is almost the greatest endeavor I can recollect. The pattern and language of symbolism has capturedmy attention for as long as I can remember. The interpretations of signs and symbols are a major instructional device in the oral traditions that I come from. I view everything through the lens of my roots and culture. Along with their meanings, I am infatuated by the shape,form and graphic nature of their being. The purity and re-occurrence of these forms over time is fascinating to me.

All my obsessions have to do with this idée fixe. I always look for the most natural feeling of a space or work of art. This no doubt has to do with my education as an architect. Things, ideas or beings that are contrived hold little excitement or interest to me. I never like to fight a space or design. Natural instincts guide me, from color palettes, form or medium. I also welcome my clients to embrace this principle when we are working together. I enjoy the geometry of graphics over illustrations of people or things but have been known to merge the two in many instances. Drawing is my first art form and continues to ruin my life, as I will draw on anything nearby. I am a doodlebug at heart. I have found journals from when I was a kid completely obliterated with glyphs and symbols. I now understand that drawing connects me to the same place visualized by our ancestors. Drawing is my meditation. In that silence all answers come. This is a universal and natural concept inherent in us all.  For me the primordial essence is active, alive and waiting for all to listen. My visual expression is rendered through painting, print making, fiber arts, beading and ritual art.


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