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I love secrets. The idea of a destructive, intangible force being tucked away in the corners of my mind and mouth keeps me warm. How a mere sliver of truth can shatter or define a life. To have a secret is to bear a weapon; to brandish it is to surrender. I’m not one to relinquish, so I keep what’s hidden inside.
But to hold onto such a force is exhausting. The only thing I find more exciting than having a secret, is hiding a secret in plain sight. I have always been attracted to esoteric meanings in art; subliminal messages in advertising, Masonic symbolism, hand gestures in religious iconography, listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards. Whether it’s complete bullshit or not, I find such richness in these little mysteries.
Which is why I love to add a secret to so many pieces that I create for Folly a Tet. Whether it’s a hidden piece of my hair, a written note that can’t be read without destroying a piece of jewelry, or my own Satanic pledge. I wear my secrets like armour, and I give my weapons to friends for protection.

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